JTRS is committed to build sustainability across our day-to-day business, including supply chain, engagement and expectations of new suppliers, and internal employee training, all helping to make a positive difference to the world.

Supply Chain

JTRS commits to partnerships with best-performing suppliers based on mutual trust. This is why we adopt a fair and transparent registration process for all suppliers.

By working with our independent auditors PlanetMark, we have redesigned and implemented our new assessment to assist our current suppliers in reinforcing their own carbon footprint and sustainability goals across their business. This selective procedure within our supply chain presents an opportunity to impact environmental performance wherever we have influence, rather than direct control whilst striving to encourage environmentally responsible practices.

The aim of the assessment is to build a network of approved vendors and products that reflect our own commitment to sustainability. Via our supplier onboarding and review processes including implementing KPI’s, we are able to monitor and assess our collective performance and adapt when required.

''Suppliers that reflect our own commitment to Sustainability''
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Circular Economy 

A big part of our selection procedure is based on the Circular Economy. Meaning, our aim is to select products using only renewable resources or recycled materials. 

Secondly, we work closely with our distribution partners to conserve resources and eliminate waste. We also engage with environmental organisations and openly share resources and knowledge with our suppliers and potential suppliers to ensure best practice is shared. 

Lastly, we utilise our relationships with our ‘Trade-In’ partners to ensure that the life cycle of the products that we supply is fully appreciated as well as providing a complete sustainability solution for our customers.


As part of our reduction plan, we started with our own business practices and activities which we could immediately affect. 

By the end of 2021, across all offices we have reduced our paper usage by 90%, implemented changes to internal workflows and our systems to improve efficiency as well as encouraging our staff to either work from home and default to video meetings where possible, thus reducing our internal travel.

At our warehouse facility in York, we have removed all plastics from our packaging and replaced them with only eco-friendly materials. Our York warehouse also now runs on 100% renewable energy whilst in addition, we are reducing our waste and increasing our recycling facilities. 

Our York office runs on 100% renewable
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A key part of our Eco Action journey is our employees. We understand that this can only be done by educating them through an ongoing training plan via PlanetMark, as well as inspiring them and encouraging them to share their own ideas. 

Secondly, their personal Eco Action and sustainable journey outside the workplace is just as important to us. With this in mind, we have included sustainability within our competency framework in every department and encourage all employees to participate in environmental projects and activities.

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Eco Action is JTRS' environmental plan,

to achieve Net Zero throughout the life cycle of our products, tech solutions

and business activities by 2035.

Join our Eco Action Community to be part of the change.