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3 other things to program - Bored of Bee Bots?

Nick Acton
December 2016 — 1268 views

Posing Questions in the Digital Classroom

Nick Acton
October 2016 — 1790 views AppleAppsiOSiPad

Book Creator and SEN

Nick Acton
October 2016 — 2870 views AccessibilityAppleAppsSENiOSiPad

10 Ways of using quizlet in the classroom

Nick Acton
October 2016 — 4223 views AppleAppsiOSiPad

17 things to do on explain everything

Nick Acton
September 2016 — 6061 views AppleAppsiOSiPad

10 Ways of using Nearpod in the classroom

Nick Acton
September 2016 — 1983 views

How AERODRUM will beat a drum kit in your music department

Nick Acton
September 2016 — 2701 views

10 Ways of using Pokemon Go for curriculum learning

Nick Acton
September 2016 — 1418 views

5 Quick Things that every Classroom with iPads should do...

Nick Acton
September 2016 — 1234 views

10 Reasons why google apps are changing the classroom


Nick Acton
September 2016 — 2325 views Google

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