Teaching with Technologies

Sharing Simple and inspirational ideas for technology in the classroom

Using WeDo 2.0 Across the Curriculum

10 Topic Teaching Opportunities

Nick Acton
April 2017 — 176 views

Virtual and Augmented Reality

5 Meaningful and Educational Digital Reality Experiences

Nick Acton
April 2017 — 105 views

Apple Classroom 2.0

How to make it happen in your classroom

Nick Acton
April 2017 — 177 views

5 Fun First Day Back Apps

Activities for that daunting day

Nick Acton
April 2017 — 83 views

10 Top Classroom Management Tips For WeDo 2.0

From opening the box To packing down at the end of the lesson

JTRS Ltd, Craig Rulton
April 2017 — 144 views

Switch On Your Signage

Celebrate & Share Amazing Work With TrilbyTV

Nick Acton
March 2017 — 389 views

All New Nearpod

Nick Acton
March 2017 — 163 views

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 and STEM Learning

STEM is a HOT Topic!

Nick Acton
March 2017 — 333 views

Music Teaching With an iPad at Lacey Green Primary School

Nick Acton
December 2016 — 301 views

3 other things to program - Bored of Bee Bots?

Nick Acton
December 2016 — 272 views

Posing Questions in the Digital Classroom

Nick Acton
October 2016 — 485 views AppleAppsiOSiPad

Book Creator and SEN

Nick Acton
October 2016 — 957 views AccessibilityAppleAppsSENiOSiPad

10 Ways of using quizlet in the classroom

Nick Acton
October 2016 — 742 views AppleAppsiOSiPad

17 things to do on explain everything

Nick Acton
September 2016 — 1185 views AppleAppsiOSiPad

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