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Sharing Simple and inspirational ideas for technology in the classroom

Virtual and Augmented Reality

5 Meaningful and Educational Digital Reality Experiences

Nick Acton
April 2017   32 views

Apple Classroom 2.0

How to make it happen in your classroom

Nick Acton
March 2017   38 views

5 Fun First Day Back Apps

Activities for that daunting day

Nick Acton
March 2017   38 views

10 Top Classroom Management Tips For WeDo 2.0

From opening the box To packing down at the end of the lesson

JTRS Ltd, Craig Rulton
March 2017   74 views

Switch On Your Signage

Celebrate & Share Amazing Work With TrilbyTV

Nick Acton
December 2016   301 views

All New Nearpod

Nick Acton
March 2017   112 views

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 and STEM Learning

STEM is a HOT Topic!

Nick Acton
December 2016   225 views

Music Teaching With an iPad at Lacey Green Primary School

Nick Acton
December 2016   252 views

3 other things to program - Bored of Bee Bots?

Nick Acton
December 2016   216 views

Posing Questions in the Digital Classroom

Nick Acton
October 2016   430 views

Book Creator and SEN

Nick Acton
October 2016   874 views

'This is the droid you're looking for' - Programming bb8

Nick Acton
October 2016   411 views

10 Ways of using quizlet in the classroom

Nick Acton
October 2016   623 views

17 things to do on explain everything

Nick Acton
September 2016   1051 views

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